What We Do

The mission of FETCO is to influence positive public policy outcomes for member companies operating in the federal jurisdiction of Canada covering all laws and regulations pertaining to labour relations, employment standards and human resources in the workplace. We attempt to do this, whenever possible, in a collaborative manner, in consultation with organized labour and government.

Over the past decades, FETCO has intervened on a wide range of labour-related matters including, but not limited to, labour relations, occupational health and safety, employment standards, employment equity, human rights, pay equity, workers compensation, privacy, pensions and pandemic preparedness. Where warranted, FETCO has also been involved in provincial matters that have the potential to influence the federal sector.

FETCO relies heavily on the resources of its member companies to accomplish its objectives, including its Board of Directors, a leadership team comprised of volunteer executives from member companies. FETCO has a series of working committees that are chaired and populated by subject matter experts from member companies. The role of the FETCO Executive Director is to lead – in consultation with the Board of Directors – the process of marshalling all these resources to undertake FETCO work.

In fulfilling our mandate, FETCO engages in the following:

  • Exchange information and ideas of mutual interest among members
  • Participate in consensus-building with members and other parties
  • Research issues of common interest among members
  • Prepare and present reports and briefs to relevant government bodies
  • Consult with senior officials in the federal public service
  • Consult with elected officials – both government and opposition members
  • Participate in seminars and conferences of interest to member companies
  • Develop communications strategies to advance FETCO objective

The success of FETCO is also contingent on developing strong and trusting working relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders. We interact regularly with officials – both elected and unelected – within the following organizations:

  • Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Canadian Labour Congress
  • Canadian Industrial Relations Board
  • Department of Finance Canada
  • Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Federal Labour Program
  • Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada